Deirdre Kelly

Party On!

My very dear friend Natasha Koifman threw a smashing party at her Toronto home recently to commemorate the 10th anniversary of her boutique public relations firm, NKPR.  I saw people I hadn’t seen in years — yo! Paul Alexander — and also people I had never met before and then ended up hugging after several hours of impassioned conversation by the outdoor pool — great meeting you, Jake Gold!

At the bar, I was served a delicious cocktail, made from Aperol and sparkling water and garnished with an orange slice. It’s going to be my drink of the summer.

Leesa Butler is the former Canadian Idol judge’s wife, and she and I started talking while we were waiting for our bevvies. Soon, our conversation veered in the direction of  the upcoming Tutu Project at the Design Exchange, curated by the fabulous Caroline O’Brien, a costume designer in her own right.

As the head of Fashion Group International, Toronto chapter, Leesa will be hosting an event around the Tutu Project at the end of July. When she discovered that I am (ahem) something of a ballet expert, Leesa promptly suggested that I be a keynote speaker, to which I happily agreed. The date of the FGI-sponsored Tutu Project event is July 31, and I’m sure tickets will be available in the weeks ahead. It promises to be a great show, combining both fashion and ballet — topics close to my heart.

It’s also a great tie-in to my upcoming book, Ballerina, coming out in Canada on Sept. 29, with a US release following a couple of weeks later, and I am delighted for this opportunity to promote it through this unique platform.

I am planning now to throw a party of my own to celebrate its publication, inspired, of course by Natasha’s fantastic friend-laden fete.

‘Tis the season.

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