Deirdre Kelly

It Was a Marvelous Party

The Ports 1961 bash was a blast! The affable staff dressed me in one of the line’s Italian black lace and orange silk dresses and served champagne throughout the evening. Guests included the fabulous Tu Ly, a former Ports designer who went on to form his own line, designing also the uniforms for Canada’s Olympic team in collaboration with The Bay. Way to go, Tu! 

Also in the ab-fab department was Zoomer magazine’s ed-in-chief, Suzanne Boyd, The Huffington Post’s Julia Moulden, author, director and screenwriter William Scoular, interior designer Jill Kantelberg, Hugo Nicholon retailers Carole and Eleanore Rosenstein, my real-live Chevalier friend Stephen Johnson, the City of Toronto’s Elyse Parker, the University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies creative writer student Theresa Spohn, gal pals Wendy Korentager and Wendy Basian (I called them Wendy-Squared that night in reference to former Ports designers Dean and Dan Caten of D-Squared fame whom the Wendys happen to know) ,  and of course the incomparable Julie Enfield, author of a book on kissing, who organized the evening, providing the long stem red roses handed out to each guest and the mounds of French pastries that people nibbled on while I read from my book, Paris Times Eight.

The party made the society pages, if you can believe it. 

photo credit: James Dawson

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